Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scenic Sunday..Beartooth Highway

During our last trip to Yellowstone we made our way to the Beartooth Highway just to say we did it and to enjoy the scenery.  The road out of Yellowstone was one long traffic jam due to roadwork but I think it was worth extra drive and time. I considered the Beartooth Hwy  a great scenic ride as much as the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier, but the Road to Hana will always be my favorite for scenery.

Beartooth Highway has some gorgeous scenery, there are little lakes along the way and the mountains in the distance and a waterfall next to the road. There were beautiful wildflowers all along the road. If you have the chance to do this drive I would say do it.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watery Wednesday. I like to call it my lake

For this Watery Wednesday I thought I would post some photos of the lake down the street from our house. It is a reservoir for the local city and I am lucky to have it within walking distance.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scenic Sunday.. Bryce National Park

Following my Skywatch of Arches National Park I thought I would  continue with my theme of national parks for Scenic Sunday. These are photos from my visit to Bryce National park and another of my favorite parks.

The rock formations remind me of being in a fairyland. There are rock formation  shaped like castles. Hubby, son and I walked the trail checking out the rock and all the awesome colors.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skywatch.... Arches National Park

This is a Skywatch photo from Arches National Park. My header photo is my actual entry for skywatch. My hubby son and I enjoyed walking the trails at Arches. The rock color and formations were wonderful. These are a few pictures I took during our trip there.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

That's my World.. a Maryland waterfront walk

Being a birder I am always looking for new places to do some birding. The waterfront walk at HavreDeGrace, Md is one of those places.

Ducks and Geese

Great Blue Heron

There is a nice boardwalk to view where the Susquehanna meets the Chesapeake Bay. It also has a few of our favorite restaurants for Maryland crabcakes and seafood.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scenic Sunday...Glacier National Park in Montana

Glacier National Park is a beautiful park. The mountains, waterfalls and the famous Going to the Sun road is just amazing.

The road can be scary at times, I had to let my hubby do some of the driving. I usually drive on our all our vacations and road trips, but there were times I couldn't look over the side. There were times a waterfall went under the road.

The views from this Going to the sun road is stunning. We split the park up into two parts staying first at the Lake McDonald and the other was on the opposite side of the park.

We took some hikes that led to waterfalls such as this one. Notice the water coming out of a hole near the middle, it looks neat.

We covered most of this park even the part of the park going into Waterton, Canada.

The wildlife viewing in this park was great too we saw mountain goats, black bears, and moose.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sky Watch Cape May Lighthouse

A few weekends ago hubby and I drove to Cape May, NJ. It rained during the 3 and half hour ride but when we arrived at the Cape May Lighthouse park the sky was blue and looking lovely.

Click on picture for a larger image.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 57...Yellowstone waterfall and river

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scenic Sunday .. viewing fall foliage at Shenandoah nat'l park

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My Camera Critters post now follows my Scenic Sunday.

Yesterday hubby and I spent the day driving on the Skyline Drive and a hike on the Limberlost trail and the Big Meadow at Shenandoah National Park.

The Limberlost trail

The fall colors are not peaking just yet but there were enough pretty colors around for us to enjoy. The wildflowers on the Big Meadows were turning a beautiful red. The sky was a pretty blue with some puffy clouds even the moon was out.

Along the drive I had to stop there was a Ruffed Grouse crossing the road in front of my car. How cool it is a lifer for me and I can add the Ruffed Grouse to my birding life list. I tried to take a picture thru my front window and the bird was moving along at a fast pace so the photo is blurry.

 I was looking for the Black Bears but we had just missed a sighting by minutes. We did see some pretty deers along the Skyline drive.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Camera Critters. another critter from Yellowstone

Seeing animals was high on my list of things to do when we were in Yellowstone and the Tetons National parks. Both parks are rated in the top ten for wildlife viewing. For this weeks camera critter I am posting my photos of the Moose. I just love these animals, there is just something about them and makes them a
cool critter.

It was in the Tetons and we were walking a loop trail about Heron pond or Swan lake. This is where we came across this big guy and his female was not far off. It was my coolest sighting of the trip. This big Moose was eating something in the water and then he would lift his head back up and look towards us and there was the famous MOOSE DROOL. We sat and watch this big guy for awhile, we also noticed he wore a collar. I can only assume the park service was tracking this guy, I am not sure.

This is his women, I assume. She got mad and walked away. Maybe because he was showing off.

I had a few different moose sightings but for me the Moose drool sighting was the coolest.

Sometimes I got shots like this one, this big guy was walking away.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Watery Wednesday.. Wash, DC Warld War II memorial and fountain.

For my Watery Wednesday post.. is the World War II memorial fountain.

Pacific Tower and pillars

Atlantic Tower and pillars

Some of the stars

Washignton Mounument

The World War II memorial is just beautiful and is near the reflection pool which was empty at the time of this visit. The WWII memorial consist of towers one for the Atlantic and one for the Pacific, 56 pillars around the towers, the fountain and a plaza. There is a Freedom wall with 4048 stars each and star represent 400 that American men that died in the war.

And of course being the birder I am I had to check out the ducks that were swimming in the fountain.

Mallard Ducks

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some Alaska scenery for Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday Oct 4, 2009

Before I have shown some photos taken from the ship while cruising, but these photos are of some scenes from our shore excursions. In Juneau my son and I did a combo tour of the Meadenhall Glacier, the Juneau Glacier Gardens and a Salmon Hatchery.

These are trees pulled out of the ground with their roots, they are then put back into the ground upside down and flowers planted where the roots are now. Very cool idea and very pretty.

Hubby went off on a helicopter ride to the Glaciers.

 In Sitka we took a nature hike excursion and then came back and walked thru the Sitka Nat'l Historical park.

The trail thru the Park had various carved totem poles. The Totems were beautifully carved, designed and each one told a story.

In Ketchikan we walked around the town and did some shopping.

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Some Yellowstone Critters..Camera Critters #78

Yellowstone National Park has a lot of critters. Just about anywhere you look you can see some kind of animal. I read that in 1902 the Yellowstone buffalo herd was down to just 23. Now the Yellowstone Buffalo herd has grown to 4000 or more.

 They are amazing to see and when I first saw them I thought of what it would have been like back in the 1800's when there were millions of the free ranging buffalo. Wow, can you imagine seeing that many buffalo.
The first time I drove into Yellowstone and was caught in the middle of a buffalo jam, I thought it was cool.

 The buffalo would walk in the middle of the road and cause a huge traffic jam. It felt safe in the car even though some came close they were snorting and sometimes I thought they made a growling noise. We were in multiple buffalo jams sometimes it was just one Buffalo and sometimes there were larger groups of buffalos in the road. The scenery is wonderful, not like being in a traffic jam on the beltway that's for sure. I didn't mind at all sitting in the car and soaking it all in besides I was on worries and no hurries.

Maybe another time I will show the Bear jams and the moose jams. I just love the animals of Yellowstone.
There is a buffalo farm near my house and everytime I ride past this farm I think of the Yellowstone Buffalo. I loved seeing them free in the park.

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Camera Critters