Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today's Flowers

This is my post for  Today's Flowers

During our stop in Bermuda we took a private guided tour of the island. We visited many of the highlights of Bermuda. Our guide showed us a little extra, one extra stop was a privately owned garden. The pond and waterlilies were beautiful.

I have always loved waterlilies and the yellow ones are just gorgeous.

I was trying to capture the dragonfly on the pink waterlily one below.

The pond was design like a map of Bermuda... A  very cool idea and a neat pond.  Bermuda has a lot of islands connected by bridges.

I hope you enjoyed my post for Today's Flowers please click on the link to see many more beautiful flowers.
Thanks to the hosting group of Santili, Denise, Pupo and Sandy. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you take the time to enjoy the flowers and that your Sunday is wonderful.


  1. OooOoo! You even captured the dragon fly! That's awesome! I love the picture of the water lily--so pretty!

  2. Beautiful! I don't think I've seen yellow water lilies, just the pink! Love the yellow, so pretty!

  3. Hi Eileen,
    First of all that header shot is gorgeous!
    Love the water lilies!
    What a lovely pond.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. The water lilies are beautiful, even if the dragonfly wouldn't cooperate. And such an interesting pond shape. Love your header shot.

  5. That's a beautiful water lily pond and great shots.

  6. I love the pond and of course the yellow lily.

    My entry.

  7. i haven't seen a yellow waterlily before...they're usually white and pink around here. beautiful photos.

  8. Hi Eileen, love your water-lily photos and what a beautiful pond design. Great capture of that little dragonfly too. Have a great week. Looks like a heatwave is coming our way :(

  9. So glad you share with us some lovely shots of beautiful Bermuda Island. The yellow lotus is quite extraordinary.

  10. Beautiful and colorful water lillies.

  11. I love how they designed the pond, the blooms are gorgeous too.

  12. I love water lilies too. Great shots.

  13. The water lilies are beautiful. A good shot of the dragonfly too. Your header is fabulous. Bermuda sounds a great place to visit.

  14. That yellow waterlily is gorgeous!

  15. My dad used to grow water lilies in large urns with tiny fish to eat the mosquito larva, your photos reminded me of my childhood.

  16. Fantastic flowers. I love lily pads and that pool is really something.

  17. Hi Eileen..
    thanks for visiting..
    I lived in Southern MD back in the 80's.. enjoyed the beautiful abundant birds and flowers of the area..
    I really enjoy your blog, current and older offerings.. so I decided to become a follower.. the water lily is awesome!!

  18. That was a great visit and a wonderful tour. )You should join the tourist Bureau =-== I am checking to see how easy it would be to go to Bermuda from Florida.)


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