Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sailing in Oregon

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I took a lot of photos while vacationing in Oregon..On this day we made a few stops on the way to Mount Hood.

Oregon in July ..Hubby and I traveled along the scenic Columbia River highway. Stopping at a fish hatchery and Cascade Locks.

A visit to the fish hatchery.

A view of the bridge connecting Oregon to Washington state. The bridge is called the Bridge of the Gods.

Sailing and windsurfing is popular sport on the Hood River in Oregon.

I hope you enjoyed these Oregon sights, thanks for coming along.

Thanks for stopping by to see my post and thanks to Tricia the host of Watery Wednesday II  and to Fiona for hosting Green Day  and to Gemma for hosting Scenic Weekends.  I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend.  


  1. You have been fortunate to visit many beautiful places . . .

  2. beautiful bridge. i love those little boats - what are they called? - i guess i missed it - going back. i know, i know read slower. ha. ha!! happy <3 day!! ( :

  3. What beautiful photographs...a place I have longed to visit. Our very best friends just moved to Oregon from Maine and I think this will be our next trip. Hoping to see this beautiful state someday soon.

  4. I did enjoy the sights, and love that last shot with all the sails.

  5. Dearest Eileen,
    I've had several oversea trips but never to America(^^;)
    Beautiful scenery of Oregon♬♬♬ 
    Thank you very much for sharing these pictures☆☆☆

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  6. Very nice post Eileen..... i love these flowers.

    greetings, Joop

  7. Olá Eileen, espectaculares fotos! Adorei as hortenses e essas deslumbrantes fotos do rio e barvcos á vela! Lindo "post"! Abraço. Ailime

  8. Imagens encantadoras...hortências são das minhas flores preferidas. Um abraço!

  9. Adorei Oregon!
    lindas paisagens e um jardim muito bonito!
    tenha um feliz final de semana também

  10. awsome photos os the narure and all the elements ;)

  11. I wonder if that's the same bridge they bungee jump from, very high bridge & beautiful scene... they all are. How do they keep from running over each other w/ all the sailboats on the water? =)

  12. Making me homesick now for sure Eileen! Isn't the Columbia Gorge beautiful? Bill and I grew up in Eastern Washingon and for a long tme after we moved to Oregon we would make that trip 3 or 4 times a year to see our parents...I never tired of that portion of the trip! (Some of the rest of it got a little old after a while ;>)!)

  13. Eileen,

    What a beautiful place! I liked the fish hatchery,sailing boats and everything in Oregon.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs

  14. I enjoyed your Oregon sights immensely Eileen- especially all those white sails-a-sailing.

    Happy weekend ~:)

  15. ♪♫º♫♫º
    Olá, amigo!

    Belas fotos de viagem!
    Todas magníficas, mas adorei o jardim de hortências.

    ღ°Bom fim de semana! ♪♫º
    ♪♫♫º Beijinhos.
    ♪♫º Brasil.♪♫♫º

  16. Eileen, muito lindas as fotos e mostram lugares fantásticos do Oregon. A pnte dos Deuses é espetacular! Beijos!

  17. It's beautiful up there and I've been wanting to go through that bridge someday.

  18. Hello Eileen,

    Thanks for sharing your Oregon trip.
    Hydrangea is my favorite. OMG those fish, you can see so easily ,mean the river so clean.
    nice view and sight.
    wishing you a great weekend

  19. So love the name "bridge of the gods"! Magical! Scenic photos!

  20. Beautiful views along the Columbia! Thanks for sharing these pics!

  21. Isn't that life is beautiful, to be able to visit and see all these beautiful places?

  22. I love travelling with you!!
    Have a great week!

  23. What lovely scenery you shared with us! I love the bridge, the boats....all of them!

  24. Que lugar lindo você visitou e magníficas fotos para nos mostrar!

  25. I really like that shot of the bridge- with the mountains in the background. So pretty! I would love to visit Oregon and Washington, we've just never made it that far north yet. Someday!

  26. Beautiful photos! I love them. Well done.
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  27. Living the life of Riley. Looks like a good trip! Nancy

  28. I do like that fish shot!

    The boat the goes between the pillars can take about 35 (?) people - its not small - but it is long and narrow!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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