Saturday, November 20, 2010

The First Flight

During our visit to the Outer Banks, North Carolina we toured the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills.  The museum had a great replica of the Wright Brothers plane and it was neat to see photos of others first first on the moon and the first woman. Outside was the monument and  markers for each spot one thru four where Orville and Wilbur landed each time they took off.

                                          December 17, 1903 the day man first flew
Orville and Wilbur Wright

Amelia Earhart the First Woman in flight

The men of first space flights

                        Commemoration of the first flight Amelia Earhart and others in 1928

                           The sculpture is another replica Wright Brothers first flight and is located on the grounds of the memorial.

"I got more thrill out of flying before I had ever been in the air at all- while lying in bed thinking how exciting it would be to fly."   Orville Wright

These are my scenic photos for Scenic Sunday and to see more wonderful scenes from around the world visit Scenic Sunday

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  1. Aeroplanes always look bigger than I expect them to be. (which is probably not a bad thing!)

  2. wonderful captures and thanks for the free tour.

  3. That's a part of the country I'd love to see, thanks for bringing it home. Have you ever seen the original plane at the Smithsonian? I put up a couple of photos of it from my trip to DC a couple of summers ago.

  4. Very interesting and a nice tour. I really like all the life-size sculptures.

  5. Oh, that's an excellent post - Very informative & I love the statue there w/ the camera!
    I'd love to visit the memorial, because I love history!!!

    Happy Sunday

  6. Thank you for an interesting post. Have a lovely day.

  7. We enjoyed our tour of the Wright Museum very much as well. You got better pictures! I've enjoyed re-visiting the OBX with you! Thank you !


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