Saturday, November 14, 2009

Critters from the National Zoo in DC

My camera critters are from my last visit (actual visit was this past spring)  to the National Zoo in DC. The National Zoo is part of the Smithsonian Institution and admission is free but you have to pay for parking.

I posted this entry as my Scenic Sunday but my actual post for Scenic Sunday is here Scenic Sunday Snow geese

I do not know for sure but I think Zoo's around the country are having trouble with funding in these hard times and I am sure they would appreciate any donations here is their website if you would like to check it out. Their website also has cool webcams. You can watch the Panda Bears, Organutans and some of their other animals.

Friends of the National Zoo

It is a big zoo and you can pick up a map which helps a lot in finding all the animals and your way around the zoo.

We were lucky to visit in the spring and see some baby animals. One of the coolest babies was the baby Gorilla with its Mom.

The Elephants are one of my all time favorite zoo animals.

                                           The monkeys are always fun to see too. 

The Panda bears are one of the National Zoo's main attractions. There is always a crowd of people around the Panda bears. The Panda bear is also my favorite animal at the National Zoo.

The Hippo, a closeup of the huge mammal.

One of the female lions. Have you seen the latest video of the National Zoo's lion and the deer on youtube?

The Orangutans are cool to watch.

These are my camera critters and to see more cute critters go and visit the host Misty Dawn of
                                Camera Critters

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  1. Visit to a zoo is educational. And visit to your blog we learn virtually.

    The gorillas are my favorite.

  2. Lovely shots and interesting information. Thanks for sharing them :-)

  3. I have not been there for years. In the spring I hope to spend a weekend in Wash DC and take Tara to the zoo!

    My CC

  4. Quite a long time never go to Zoo lo...

    Wah.... this Zoo is popular, got Panda and Orang Utan some more...

    Panda bears is from China
    Orang Utan i think from Malaysia right?

    correct me if i am wrong!

  5. Your photos are truly awesome!

  6. The first photo is very nurturing..

    Followed your networked blog.

  7. Hi my friend Eileen,
    Many congratulations on your cover Yellowstone Scenic Sunday 70.
    Great shots of the zoo.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. It's been many years since we visited the National Zoo -- always a treat. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  9. your close-up of the hippo is fantastic, I've never really seen their faces in so much detail

  10. Thanks for the virtual tour of the zoo. I haven't been to any real zoo in years. The pandas are cool.

  11. Beautiful animals, especially the baby gorilla ( so like a human baby), thanks for sharing:)

  12. Oh dear, I'm actually old enough to remember when China donated the pandas!

  13. I followed the pandas quite closely on webcam when Tai was born - such beautiful, beautiful creatures!

    I love all the monkeys in your shots - especially the orangutans, and the one with groovy hairstyle!

  14. There are some big critters there. Great photos. I adore the giant Panda with his sunglasses on.

  15. great shots, Eileen. i love the baby gorilla and mother the most.
    I haven't visited zoo for quite sometime now.I always love to go and see the latest addition to our zoo, a baby elephant but can't grab a time yet.

    Happy weekend

  16. What a collection of wonderfully exotic critters! I've always found panda bear to be particularly cuddly looking :o)

  17. What wonderful shots! The panda makes a beautiful header.
    I love that little furry monkey - he certainly is different. :)

  18. so lovely pictures here...thanks for sharing this pix Eileen..have a blessed Sunday from Europe!
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    Explore Germany
    Discover USA
    Euroangel Graffiti

  19. Quite a lot of critters! Loved them all :)

  20. ohh lots of wild critters here..i haven't most of them yet in my life

    mine is here

  21. These are some great critters shots Eileen!

  22. What a cute panda, and I never saw that kind of monkey, what a furry mone.

  23. Hi Eileen, watching animals play in the zoo, gives you the best photos ever.

  24. These are great pictures of the critters at the National Zoo. I haven't been there, but I was fortunate enough to see pandas while I was in China. They are definitely fascinating animals.

  25. I enjoyed my virtual visit to the zoo with you. I've never seen a panda bear before. The gorilla photo is gorgeous. I have been lucky enough to see them in the wild. They're amazing creatures.

  26. After seeing a few documentaries recently I'm not so fond of the hippos any more. They may look like giant toys but are really cruel. Probably not in Zoo's though.

  27. Thanks for the 'virtual' visit to the zoo ... looking at your wonderful photos makes ME want to take my camera to a zoo too!
    Hugs and blessings,
    My Camera Critters

  28. Gorgeous photos! You know, I've been to D.C. a few times but have never been to the National Zoo :( It will definitely be on my "to do" list during the next trip.

    I just want to hold and love on that baby gorilla. How precious!


  29. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    I love the zoo pics! :)

  30. I've never been to a zoo and I just love all your shots. The gorilla mother and baby is so precious! ~Jeanne

  31. Hi Eileen

    I've visiited the Washington DC zoo! It's a wonderful place. Your panda photo is greta ...whenever I've seen them tney were always sleeping.

    I was lucky enough to see the Orangutans hanging from the overhead cables -- what a sight!


  32. Your pictures are fantastic! Thanks for the tour, I love the Zoo shots:) Been to DC, never to the zoo, makes me want to go see!

  33. So many beauties! I love that baby gorilla!

  34. Aww! The baby gorilla with his mum is so adorable. :)


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