Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Florida Day 10

Florida Day 10,

On this day we were in Ocala Florida and during this day we visited the Tuscawilla Park. It is Ocala's largest and oldest city owned park. The mossy oaks look gorgeous and provide shaded areas through-out the park.

These photos may look familiar to some of you,  I have shared them on my other blog. I just wanted to share this park on my travel blog so it is a repeat.

"Not all those who wonder are lost."  J.R.R. Tolkien

Ocala is known for all it's gorgeous horse farms. So, it is fitting that there were horse sculptures in the park.

I like this statue, it could be hubby and I in our golden years.

The abstract fishing pole is one of the many sculptures seen in the park.

We walked the pathway around the lake checking out the birds, the lake and all the sculptures. I hope you enjoyed our visit to the park. If you are ever in the Ocala area it is worth a visit.  Thanks for your visits and comments.


  1. This looks very familiar to me :)
    But I still like the horses :))

    Have a happy day!

    1. Hello, yes I shared these photos on my other blog. Thanks for the comment and visit. Enjoy your day!

  2. amazing photos! The animals are really cool =)

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas


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