Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ocean City, Maryland

 I am linking up with Gemma's  Scenic Weekend

 These are some shots of our recent weekend getaway to Ocean City, Maryland..

  Hubby and I, my shadow shot.

A broken pier from the storm Sandy..

The amusement pier will be opening will not be long till the sounds of summer will be there.

Over a hundred streets of beach, hotels, stores and restaurants.. 

A view at the inlet.

 The view from our room, a little too cloudy for a sunrise..

We a great room on the corner, it had a cool wrap around balcony.. we could see the ocean and the bay.

 The Ocean City inlet..

Sunset at Ocean City's inlet..

I hope you enjoyed the photos and our visit to Ocean City, we like to go before the crowds are there..

I hope you enjoyed my travel post.  I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend.  

 Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments. Thanks for stopping by to see my post and thanks to Gemma for hosting Scenic Weekends.


  1. I too enjoy the beach in the off season without the crowds. Love soft colours in your photos.

  2. Enjoyed many of your posts.. You really do get around LOL

  3. I can always count on you to take us to many beautiful places!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  4. Thanks for the mini trip to the ocean . . . liked the shadowed couple picture! And the glorious sun glow at the end.

  5. gorgeous!! i love living in the mountains. but a great beach view & sunset ... always steals the show. what a great time away. ( :

  6. Hello Eileen!!
    You and your hubby,have,really enjoyed your wonderful trip on the shore!Gorgeous pictures and fantastic view!!The sunset is breathtaken!!!Wish you a happy Sunday!Hugs!

  7. That is an interesting trip.

    I enjoy all your pictures.

  8. Thanks for your tour! We like to get to places when there are few others about, too.

  9. I liked this post very much. Sea views and pier. Having always dreamed of strolling out in such a pir. But have only seen them on film. One day maybe :)))

    take care u :)

  10. What a nice trip ! Thanks for sharing ...

  11. am loving the longlegged bridge. :)


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