Thursday, March 20, 2014

More from Alaska

March 20, 2014

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I am posting some photos from our cruise to Alaska. Our ports included going into Glacier Bay and Juneau. My previous post included photos from our stop in Sitka.

Our cruise ship went into Glacier Bay..we were met by a Glacier Bay National Park ranger.

  The three shots above are hubby's photos from his helicopter ride to the glacier from Juneau, Alaska.

A shot from above our cruise ship in Juneau, Alaska.

A long day of sunlight and a pretty reflection.


  1. Gorgeous Eileen . . . enjoyed hubby's pictures too. Did I mistakenly miss your traveling, was this recently?

  2. when did you go to Alaska? i am so curious. i would love to go one day soon. i love the mountains - wow, they are gorgeous & huge!! is that snow? just lovely!! ( :

  3. Amazing photos!!
    I love them all!

  4. ✿✿º°。

    Imagens super lindas!
    Bom restinho de semana!

  5. Gorgeous... We haven't been to Alaska yet, but it is on the list!!

  6. That is one gorgeous place. I really hope to get to Alaska someday. There are so many wonderful things to see there.

    Fantastic photos. WOW.

  7. Hello Eileen!!
    Wow!!Fantastic pictures!!What a lovely place!!I'm dreaming to vist Alaska,one day!!So wild nature!!Amazing sunset!!Thank you for sharing!Have a lovely week!!

  8. «Louis» enjoyed all of the images in this post, but that last one is FABULOUS!

  9. My cousin, a tour manager was telling us about the trips he made, the thundering sound of the cracking glacier.

    I went to a mini one in New Zealand.

  10. Oh, how beautiful. I have never gone, but it's on my bucket list. Love the colors.

  11. Che dire ?
    Queste foto fanno restare senza parole per quanto sono meravigliose !
    Myriam :)


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