Friday, February 21, 2014

Guadalupe Mountains

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 It has been awhile since I have done a travel post, I never really shared all of the sights we saw while visiting New Mexico and Texas.. These photos are from that trip and a stop at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

The Pinery trail is located behind the Pine Springs Visitor Center.

The Pinery trail has exhibits describing the vegetation of the Chihuahuan Desert.

The views of Guadalupe Mountains from the visitor center.

Driving along the National Park Highway we stopped and took a look at El Capitan from the opposite side.

The view of Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan. It is the 8th highest peak in Texas.

 Linda Lake is a large salt basin located on the west side of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Not far from the pull out for El Capitan we stopped at this Lake Linda..The layers of blue were very pretty.

I hope you enjoyed my travel post.  I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend.  

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  1. °º♫♬° ·.
    Fotos muito lindas, belíssimas paisagens!

    Bom fim de semana!


  2. I've always been fascinated by desert views. And that lake is absolutely amazing.

  3. HI Eileen, I'm sorry that we didn't get to the Guadalupe Mountains and El Capitan when I lived in Texas.... I'd love to see that area and have always read so much about it.

    Great set of photos.

  4. Hi Eileen,

    The mountains are stunning and crisp, i love how sharp the image is - great job! Thanks also for commenting on my blog A Big Island Life

  5. Gorgeous images! Thanks for linking up today. I really appreciate you supporting this new endeavor! Happy Friday! - Walking On Travels

  6. This looks like such a neat place to visit!

  7. Beautiful! We made a quick stop here too from New Mexico to Texas. It was a great stop but we never made it to Linda Lake. It was such a pleasant surprise to see this National Park in the middle of nowhere.

  8. I love the southwest...such great landscapes! Love these...

  9. Exquisite shots of exquisite scenery!

    Lovely blog too!

  10. Such wide landscapes with the beautiful colours of the rock against the blue skies. I enjoyed sharing your trip.

  11. Beautiful photos. I wasn't expecting to see that much water in what I always thought of as a desert. We've been wondering how our travels will look once we move from Asia back to Texas. We've neve been over to see El Capitan, so perhaps its now on our wish list.

  12. So love those wonderful rocky landscapes. Gorgeous textures on the rocks. And the salt lake is stunning.

  13. El Capitan is very impressive from every side! You have a blue sky here to rival our Aussie blue skies. Wonderful photos Eileen, and lovely for me to visit a new part of the world.
    Wren x

  14. Beautiful blue sky in your photos! Great landscapes.
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Oh my, the blue is heavenly. I like the photo of the sky and lake blue meeting! Wow . . .

  16. Wow! What a stunning pictures!
    Sounds you had a great time!

  17. Spectacular photos. It looks like a great place for a hike.

  18. Have been to the guadalupe mountains, but never have seen Linda Lake. Lovely shots!

  19. We've been there -- a unique and wonderful National Park...and driving in that area really makes you think about BIG space!

  20. Just gorgeous.

    Great to have you at Oh, The PLACES I've been!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. What a beautiful place to visit Eileen!!Gorgeous pictures!!Lovely views!!Wish you a happy week!

  22. Awesome photos, I like to visit National Park, I enjoy the beauty of nature ;-)


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