Thursday, November 7, 2013

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

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 Hubby and I spent a week's vacation sightseeing around New Mexico and spent 3 nights in Carlsbad. These are some scenes from inside the Carlsbad Caverns located in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

The stadium seats outside are used mainly for the bat flight in the evenings.

Exploring the Big Room. There is a paved one mile loop trail to follow and lit up to highlight some of the more decorated parts of the caverns. Access to the Big Room is either by the elevators ( descending 750 ft)  in the visitor center or walking the mile down from the Natural Entrance. We did both the Natural Entrance and the Big Room walk.

I would not want to use this ladder, do you want to try exploring new rooms? This is not it but they have one section called the Bottomless Pit. And there are some sections yet to be explored and are not open to the general public. You can pay extra to go on separate guided tours, more on the experienced level of caving or what my hubby calls spelunking.

I wanted to show the size of some of the cave formations with hubby standing somewhat next to one. It is said that 6.2 football fields could fit inside the BIG Room which totals 357,480  sq ft.

I took a lot of photos inside the caverns and I can only post so many, I would to show some of the decorations and colors. One of my favorite decorations are called Draperies.

I hope you enjoyed my travel post.  I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend.  

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