Thursday, December 6, 2012

Curacao, a watery place

Hi, I am linking this post up with Tricia's Watery Wednesday II

These are some shots of Curacao's coastline. As you can see these are from my archives our trip was back in April, 2012. On this day we had a jeep tour of the island.

I hope you enjoyed these watery scenes from Curacao. What a wonderful island to visit! 

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  1. So much movement - very compelling.

  2. Is that a blow-hole in the 1st 2 shots? Lots of spray & that'd be so much fun to stand there & see all that water! The water is such a beautiful color, isn't it... & oh so powerful!

    happy WW =)

  3. Love your watery shots, especially the first one. Are there problems for the birds with the wind turbines?

  4. Hi Eileen, Great 'watery' photos... That must be a terrific island.. I'd love to visit there sometime...


  5. Wonderful watery photos, I can never get enough of the ocean.

  6. I definitely did enjoy the watery scenes from Curaçao. I've never been there, but it looks like an amazing place to visit!

  7. Good place to pick up some wind power, but detracts from the beautiful view.

  8. Love those awesome waves crashing against the rocky shoreline. Wonderful moments to remember.. Priceless!

  9. Beautiful! Makes me want to go some place exotic!

  10. The first one is nice.

    Men behind the waves.

  11. Beautiful photos and my favourite is the first one.


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