Saturday, May 19, 2012

More scenes from Curacao

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I have some more scenic shots from my vacation trip to Cucacao.
These are various shots from around the island during our jeep tour. You can click on the photos for a larger image.

Local Curacao artist Yubi Kirindongo uses junk parts to create contemporary art. A very cool way to recycle. The crates look like they create a nice shaded spot in the yard.

Above the artist used broken clay pieces to create animal shapes on this cliff wall.

Here is another creation a cute smiley face. The artist has pieces all around the island.

We also visited just one of the many island caves, using flashlights we went inside the cave called Kueba di Brua.

Besides the usual stalagmites and the stalactites there was a green color on various formations.

Curacao has a semiarid climate and the flora differs from the usual tropical island vegetation. Xeric shrublands are common along with various forms of cacti.

Above the a blowhole Suplado is considered a natural jacuzzi. Above you can see one of the other jeep drivers cooling off in the wave driven spray.

I hope you enjoyed my Curacao scenery and photos.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Shete Boka National Park, Curacao

Happy Mother's Day!!

For my Scenic Sunday I thought I would share some of the island of Curacao and the scenes we saw while sightseeing.
During our Curacao vacation we visited the Shete Boka National Park. The park is located on the rocky north coast of the island. Some of the highlights were seeing the blowhole, a natural bridge and a cave.

Huge waves crash onto the coast and thunder into an underground cavern. Hubby the spleunker went down  into the cave and took some photos.

The cave area was called Boka Tabla.

This area is called Boka Kalki

 The waves would crash onto the rocky coast and some waves would find there way out of a hole or opening.

Above is a view of the rocky coastline, I love the gorgeous blue colored water.

Some waves were bigger than others and the water would really splash up high. I believe this one was named Boka Pistol.

Sea turtles are known to lay their egg on the various inlets and beaches at Shete Boka.

Looks like a lot of the visitors have left their names written with rocks on the beach.

The Boka Wandomi was where the natural bridge was located.

I hope you enjoyed my visit to the Shete Boka Nat'l Park in Curaco.  To see more beautiful and wonderful scenes from around the world please visit Scenic Sunday. Thanks to the Holley's for hosting Scenic Sunday and thank you for visiting my post.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Curacao vacation

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I have to write about my recent vacation to Curacao. Curacao is in the southern Caribbean Sea off the Venezuelan coast.  It is known for diving and snorkeling, for me it will be known for its birds. Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We stayed 7 nights at the Marriott Beach Resort. I did a lot of research to find hubby a hotel where he could walk out the room and go snorkeling.  He was happy :) Hubby and I alternate choosing vacation places. This year was his choice and it was between Bonaire or Curacao. Bonaire one of the other ABC islands is known more for diving than snorkeling. Aruba is the other ABC island and is much more commercialized.

Now for some photos from our trip. You can click on the photo for a larger image.

The Marriott Beach Resort was a great hotel and we really enjoyed our stay there. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The food, drinks and the sunsets were amazing.

We had a great room overlooking the pool area but it also had a view of the ocean.

Here is hubby snorkeling in the background there is Princess line cruise ship that will dock in Williamstad

Another beautiful sunset seen from our hotel.

 Williamstad is the capital of Curacao. I will do another post on our visit to Williamstad and our various outing around the island.

I hope you enjoyed my post, there will more coming on our vacation in Curacao. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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