Saturday, March 24, 2012

Atlantic City, NJ

I am linking up my travels with Scenic Sunday

Last Sunday and Monday hubby and I enjoyed an overnight at the Showboat Hotel and Casino. They offer great deals for their hotel rooms on the internet for Sundays- Thursdays. We had a room on the 20th floor with a slight view of the ocean and a great view looking toward the sunset and the bayside.

This was the part of the view from our room. The first evening it was a little foggy. Dinner was at the House of Blues restaurant. Nothing fancy I had a great salad and pizza and hubby had the ribs.

We also had a view of the wind farm , which is located on the bayside. Across from the wind farm is the Edwin Forsythe NWR.

We were out on the boardwalk early in the morning this is the Showboat Casino and the new casino-hotel called the Revel. We had a great breakfast at the Johnny Rockets restaurant in the Showboat. I enjoyed the little view we had of the beach and ocean while we were eating our breakfast.

Above is a view of the boardwalk and casinos it includes the Taj Mahal towers and the Showboat.

 This is Trump's Taj Mahal Hotels and casino. The Taj Mahal hotel has two towers. I really like the design of Trump's hotel& casino, but we were very happy with our room at the Showboat.

We were up early to watch the sunrise on Atlantic City's famous beach.

The new hotel-casino called the Revel has a ball on the top which turned colors in the shot above the ball is green. It reminded me of a large golf ball?

While we were there on the beach watching the sunrise the ball turned green, blue and red. It would be cool to stay a night in this beautiful new hotel. It seems to be the tallest hotel/casino in Atlantic City.

Before we checked out of the Showboat, I got some more shots of  Atlantic City's skyline and beach.

Another view from the Showboat was the lighthouse on the bayside.

To see more beautiful and scenic shots please visit Scenic Sunday.  Thanks to the Holley's for hosting and thanks for stopping by my post. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Views from the top

 Do you feel like sometimes you are on top of the world? Life has its ups and downs but mostly life has been good.
For my Scenic Sunday I thought I would do a post of my views from the top of the world. Well not really the top of the world but some seem pretty close to it.  Actually these shots are from various trips hubby and I have been on, we love to travel. The 22 years we have been together I believe we have managed at least one trip a year sometimes two if we could swing it.  My hubby likes to see the views from the top of mountains so we have hiked, we have driven to the top, we have taken trains and we have taken lifts.

As usual you can click on the photos for a larger image.

                              After a hike to the top of  Mt Tallac we had a view of Lake Tahoe.

                                After a train ride and some fancy lifts we arrived at the top Jungfrau, Switzerland

                                    Jungfrau Ice sculptures

Above another photo of  Jungfrau.  Also, while in Switzerland we also took lifts to see a view of Mt Blanc, which is the highest peak in Western Europe. We were actually in the clouds and did not have a great view. Once a cloud broke I believe we actually see the peak for a short time. By then I was ready to go down and kiss the ground. The lifts were small and shaky. Nothing like the lifts and trains we took to Jungfrau or to see the Matterhorn.

         Above more hiking and climbing mountains, this time In Yosemite California.

                             Hiking to the Yosemite Waterfalls.

               We have driven to the top of the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park

                       The Going to the Sun road is a narrow winding road and in some places has waterfalls running right under the road.

                                  Sunrise on top of the Haleakala Crater Maui, Hawaii. We saw the sun rising above the clouds.  If you go here wear some warm clothes it was freezing cold at the top of the crater.

Looking down from the top, a view from our helicopter ride around the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The NaPali coastline was gorgeous.

The helicopter ride took us into the Waialeale crater, Kauai, Hawaii where we saw waterfalls just about all of 360 degrees inside the crater.

Kauai's  Waimea Canyon... the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Kauai, Hawaii

I hope you enjoyed my views of the top and  looking down from the top. I enjoyed reliving some of our trips thru my photos. To see more beautiful and wonderful scenes please visit Scenic Sunday

Thanks to the Holleys for hosting Scenic Sunday and thanks for visiting my post. Have a Happy Weekend!