Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bermuda's Crystal Cave

I am linking my Bermuda's Crystal Cave with Scenic Sunday. I have not shown all my Bermuda photos and I thought our visit to the Crystal Caves would be a great post. After our three hour tour of the island we asked to be dropped off at the Crystal Caves. Hubby loves spleunking so I thought a tour of these caves would be perfect for him. We had time to get a quick bite to eat while we waited for the next tour. I was happy sitting at the tables outside watching the birds we waited. 

We had a nice tour guide during our visit to the caves, he told us the story about how the caves were originally found. The story goes two 12 year old boys looking for their lost cricket ball that fell down into a hole. The boys follow the ball down into the hole and discovered the cave. Crystal Cave got its name from the deep crystal pools in the cave.

The water is so clear you can see the bottom of the cave floor.

I am pretty sure these formations are called straws.

There were floating bridges so we could walk back further into the cave. It was pretty cool checking out all the formations.

More formations in the water and reflections.

I hope you enjoyed my Bermuda Crystal Caves post and to see more click  Scenic Sunday .  Thanks to the host of Scenic Sunday the Holleys. Thank You for visiting my post and blog, as always I appreciate the visits and the comments.  Have a great weekend!!!