Friday, May 7, 2010


Just when you thought I was done, I have more Costa Rica photos. These are of the monkeys we saw while traveling around Costa Rica.

I have all kinds of monkey photos. We saw the White Faced monkeys, Spider Monkeys and the Howler Monkeys. We received plenty of warnings about them but they seemed to leave us alone and we did not have any incidents involving the monkeys. I thought they were all cute. I have only seen monkeys in the zoo so it was really cool to see them in their own habitat.
                                                        Spider Monkey

White Faced Monkey

Howler Monkey

The Golden Monkey

This Howler monkey was eating the flowers
This one is in deep thought

A monkey tree

These are my critters for this weeks  Camera Critters  Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting Camera Critters