Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leaving Stehekin

On the last day at Stehekin we had just enough time to take the shuttle to the Rainbow Falls before we had to take the Lady Express back to Chelan. It was a one hour tour to the waterfalls and a stop at a one room school in Stehekin.  The weather was beautiful and a great day for our boat ride back to our car.

Rainbow Falls

One room schoolhouse for Stehekin, it was in use until recently they built a more modern schoolhouse.

Lady Express leaving Stehekin, the skies were looking beautiful on our boat ride back to Chelan.

People riding jet skiis were having fun with the waves that were created from our Lady express boat.

After arriving back in the city of Chelan we hopped in our rental car and took off for our next stop along the Cascade Loop in the city of Leavenworth. You can see some of my Leavenworth photos here: http://viewingnaturewitheileen.blogspot.com/2010/09/leavenworth.html

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Skywatch Stehekin

After arriving in Stehekin we quickly threw our luggage into our room and decided to take a walk along the lakeshore trail. The trail followed the lake and there were many views of the lake and sky along the way. There was one part where the trail looked like it had been thru a mudslide and water was cascading down into the lake. This trail goes 17.2 miles and a stopping point  for backpackers along the way  is  Moore Point which is 7 miles from Stehekin. I was birding along the trail hoping to see some lifers from the west coast. I heard all kinds of birds and of course they all hid from my camera.

The mudslide was cause from a heavy rain strom a few weeks before we got there. It looked so fresh like it just happened.

We were happy to see some blue sky poking out from all those clouds.

An overcast sky and some of those stubborn clouds were still hanging low on the mountains.

Luckily the skies were just overcast and we did not see any rain. After our walk we looked forward to our dinner at the Stehekin Landing's restaurant and a delicious dessert from the famous Stehekin bakery.

These cloudy skies are my skywatch for this week.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lake Chelan

Two and a half days of our Washington State vacation was spent in Stehekin which is part of the North Cascades National Park. The only way to get to Stehekin is by boat ride, float plane or by hiking in. We chose the Lady of the Lake  boat ride which starts in the town Lake Chelan and goes for 55 miles to Stehekin. There are two choices the slow boat Lady of the Lake for 4 hours or the Lady express for 2 and half hours. Our stay at Stehekin was for two nights so we just packed up what we needed for these days for our stay at the Stehekin Landing Resort. We decided to do the four hour boat ride on the first day and come back on the express. We would leave the dock at Lake Chelan at 8:30am and arrive in Stehekin at 12:30. We did make three stops along the way in places called Field Pt, Lucerne and another when we pulled to shore to pick up some backpackers. It is a very scenic boat ride starting off with beautiful lake homes, fields of apple trees and some vineyards near the town of Lake Chelan and eventually becoming all mountains on both sides of the lake. It did not rain but it was a very cloudy overcast day. The clouds added to the scene hanging low on the mountains. More about Stehekin on another post.

There were waterfalls along the lakeshore

Below is the stop to pick up some backpackers is an area that was used years ago for the taping of a Lassie movie staring Elizabeth Taylor

Stehekin is a place for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. No telephones and no TV's just enjoy nature.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Camera Critters..Black Bear..Leavenworth, Wa

MY Skywatch post now follows this Camera Critters post.

During our vacation last week we stopped in Leavenworth, Washington. I read about the Leavenworth Salmon Hatchery being a top place for birding. Being a birder I had to stop at the most popular place. Besides seeing the Salmon hatchery there are trails for walking and some lead to the rivers edge  It was along the river we sighted this black bear. I just love seeing bears so this was one of the great sightings for me and all the great birds.

We were able to watch the bear across the river from us for awhile until something spooked it and it ran off. We stood watching the river for a while and then I noticed an American Dipper in the water. Very cool , the Dipper is a life bird for me. I will do a post on my Washington State birds at another time.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dreary skywatch over Diablo Lake

These are some shots of the dreary looking skies we saw the first two days of our vacation in the North Cascades. The clouds were hanging low over the mountains. It was still beautiful looking scenery with the clouds and mountains.

These are my skywatch shots
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