Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Tetons are Grand

I am pulling more photos from my archives for Tricia's Watery Wednesday II

 A hike around Jenny Lake or you can take one of the boats across the lake and then hike to the waterfalls.

 Oxbow Bend, Grant Teton reflection. I hope you enjoyed my quick trip, lol to the Grand Tetons.

To see more watery scenes from around the world, check out Tricia's Watery Wednesday II. Thanks to Tricia for hosting, have a wonderful evening a I hope the rest of the week is a happy one.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Curacao, a watery place

Hi, I am linking this post up with Tricia's Watery Wednesday II

These are some shots of Curacao's coastline. As you can see these are from my archives our trip was back in April, 2012. On this day we had a jeep tour of the island.

I hope you enjoyed these watery scenes from Curacao. What a wonderful island to visit! 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Inlet

I am linking up my post with Tricia's Watery Wednesday.

These are some more recent shots from this past weekend to Ocean City and the Indian River inlet near Dewey Delaware.

I was surprised at how many surfers were at the inlet. It must be a popular spot for surfing.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the comments. Have a great Wednesday!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Watery Wednesday & Where am I Part II

I am linking up my post with Tricia's Watery Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I missed Tricia's first Watery Wednesday but I wanted to join in and post on her Watery Wednesday meme.

And if any one cares to join in on my fun at guessing where am I? I am sure one of the landmarks or famous places will give this popular city away.

 Either way I hope you enjoy the photos!

I was amazed at all the pigeons that were gathered in this square. 

I would think this shot would definitely give away my travel spot.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me and my watery scenes. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the visit and comments.

 Thank you to Tricia for hosting Watery Wednesday. Click on my side link to visit and join in
on the Watery Wednesday fun. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur California

LoL, I know you are all dying to know where I was on my post below. I had two blogger friends Lynne and Linda the first two to reply. Lynne was correct as far as saying Coastal Hwy #1 and  Linda was right on the mark with her answer of the 17 mile Scenic Drive. My photos were taken along the 17 mile Scenic Drive. The scenic drive starts in Pacific Grove, California and we ended it at the Pebble Beach near Carmel. Pebble Beach is a famous golf course, on this day we had fun watching the deer on the golf course and the seals sunning themselves on the rocks and beach across from the golf course.

Here are a few more shots taken from that trip we stopped at Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur.

We love the coastal scenes and the beaches the most, even though we spent a little time at the Monterey pier for lunch and a visit to the aquarium and we walked around the town of Carmel.These photos are all from my archives, I am just sitting here wishing I was on a warm sunny beach somewhere. It's gotten cold out there already and its only the beginning of November. T hanks for playing around with my guessing game and I appreciate the comments.

This is the famous Cypress Tree seen along the 17 mile scenic drive.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where am I?

I love to travel and always enjoy looking back at my photos. Hubby, son and I have enjoyed traveling many places over the years. I thought it would be fun to put up one or two photos and see who can guess where we are?

 I know there are a few people that will know right off the bat. The two photos are well known places and very popular tourist spots.

I hope there are some bloggers friends that will want to guess Where am I?

Have a Happy Sunday and a great week ahead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blueridge Pkwy, Gatlingburg, Smoky Mountain trip report

Oct 4- Oct 8 Blueridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park, Gatlinburg

Oct 4.  Our first day we drove part way on I-81 and hopped over to the Blueridge Pkwy on I-64 in Virginia. We were hoping to see some pretty leaves and maybe some black bears on the Parkway. So we drove from the beginning of the Blueridge Pkwy to just south of Mabry Mill where we got back over to I-81. The parkway drive was much slower than we expected. We arrived in Gatlinburg later that evening and checked into our room for the next 4 nights at the Zoder’s Inn.

 Mabry Mill

Oct 5. We woke up early and decided on a quick and free breakfast at Zoder’s. The breakfast of bagels, hardboiled eggs and coffee was just enough to keep me and hubby happy for awhile. After breakfast we headed to the Roaring Fork Motor drive. Almost as soon as entering the drive we saw our first black bear, there were a few cars ahead of us and a park ranger who clapped the bear away. We did get to watch the bear for a little while. We headed up the drive to the parking lot for the Grotto Falls trail. It is a fairly easy trail and the waterfalls is a pretty one. I was actually able to go behind the falls, which is kind of fun. Some time during this day we had a late lunch at Corky’s in Pigeon Forge. We both had the ribs and two sides. A very reasonably priced restaurant and the food was good. From there we headed back to the Sugarland Visitor Center and took the short walk to the Cataract Falls. Not much water on the Cateract falls but, it is a pretty walk. Leaving the visitor center we headed around the park to Cades Cove checking out the fall colors along the way. Cades Cove was extremely crowded, we should have saved this trip for earlier on another morning. Wildlife sightings at Cades Cove were some wild turkeys and deer. The horses were pretty too. By this time it was later evening so we headed back to our room. We learned to use the Pigeon Forge bypass to come and go from the park to our hotel. The traffic in Gatlinburg is horrible.

Grotto Falls

Oct 6. Breakfast was at the Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatlinburg. We went to breakfast right when they opened at 7am so glad they have their own parking lot and  there was no wait. The pancakes and coffee were served quickly and were off for some more sightseeing around the park. We headed to Clingman’s Dome, wished the weather could have been better. We had a cloudy morning but at least it was not raining. We were hoping for some great views at the Dome but the clouds got in the way. Next we headed towards Cherokeee and a quick stop at the  Mingus Mill, it is a interesting spot with some pretty fall trees around. Our next stop for the day was another waterfall. It was called Mingo Falls in Cherokee. The 200 steps going up to the waterfall overlook and down were a little much for my sore leg, I tore my hamstring a little more than two weeks before our trip. My Doc said it was ok to still go so I think the walking might have helped like therapy? We had dinner in Cherokee, a late lunch buffet. I can not remember the name of the place. It was good, I had the chicken and their peach cobbler was yummy. After dinner we headed back to the Cherokee visitor center in the park. We walked around the old homestead, I liked seeing the chickens walking around free. Leaving the visitors center heading back to Gatlinburg, we were excited to see a herd of elk. There was a crowd there but everyone and the park rangers were nice. I was happy there were no crazy photographers trying to chase down the animals for a closeup. The elk herd sighting was a great way to end the day and head back to our room for the night.

Clingman's Dome

Oct 7. Another morning to have the free and easy breakfast at our hotel. After breakfast we headed back out to the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. Again almost near the same spot we sighted a very young bear and a bear jam. We watched it for a while on one side on the road then crossed over to the other side, it walked on a downed tree and then decided to climb another tree. I was happy to get my bear fix in for the morning. Not far off down the drive we sighted another bear, this time crossing the road right in front of our car. Another great bear sighting on the Roaring Fork. I just love this place, further along the drive we came across a group of wild turkeys standing in a field near an old homestead? After finishing up with this motor tour we head over to the Laurel Falls, we enjoyed this hike to the waterfalls. It is an easy paved trail and a very popular trail. Not sure when but we headed down the Blueridge Pkwy in the afternoon, it was a very foggy day so we decided not to continue and got off an exit. We ended up having dinner in one of the Sagebrush Steakhouses, I believe it was somewhere around Waynesville. After dinner we made our way back to Gatlingburg via the Foothills Parkway. The sky and fog was clearing up and the views were very pretty.

Laurel Falls

Oct. 8.  Time to start the long drive home to Maryland. We checked out of the Zoder’s ( I posted a separate review on Zoder’s Inn) we gassed up the car in Pigeon Forge which is much cheaper $3.39 , for some reason the gas stations in Gatlinburg did not advertise their prices. We stopped for a nice breakfast at Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge. We were both happy with omelets and usually enjoy diner food. Here we said goodbye to the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg and Tennessee. It was a great trip and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am sorry for the long read. I would be happy to answer any questions. EileeninMd

Black bear seen in Shenandoah Nat'l Park on the way home

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oregon Coast

Hi, I wanted to finish up with some of our Oregon travels after leaving the Mt Hood area we headed to the beautiful coast. We had another four days of Oregon before heading to Bainbridge Island for my SIL's wedding.

Hubby and I loved the Oregon coastline, it was cool seeing the spray from the whales and I loved the starfish. The birds were awesome but the beautiful scenic coastline stole the show.

Outside our Yachats motel!

I loved all the colorful sea stars.

The sea stars are pretty purples and orange.

Loved the cute sea lions!

Lots of Sea Lions here!

Beautiful scenic views of the gorgeous Oregon coastline.

Some of the biggest trees on the Oregon coast.

Long stretches of  sandy beach.

Oregon has lots of lighthouses.

This is the Devil's punchbowl on the Oregon coast.

Haystack Rock was a popular place with the tourist, lots of great birds seen here too.

The Tillamook Bay

 Elk were some of the wild critters we saw on the Oregon coast.

I hope you enjoyed my views of the Oregon Coastline, it is a beautiful place to visit.

Thanks for stopping by and  I appreciate your comments.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mount Hood, Oregon

I wanted to do some more of a trip reports on Oregon. This post will be on the Mount Hood area and the hike we took to Mirror Lake.

It was a clear day the first time we saw Mt Hood, so hubby and I were both in awe. Some of these photos you might have seen on my other blog Viewingnaturewitheileen

Above is the Mt Hood Lavender farm.

I was able to zoom in pretty close to see all the snow at the mountaintop.

We had such a beautiful day for traveling around the Mt Hood loop. A gorgeous blue sky and great views of Mt Hood.

We stopped at the lodge for a late lunch. We had a nice table near the window for more views of another mountain either Mt Jefferson or Mt Adams in the distance.

 I do love these big stone fireplaces, this was looking down at the lunch buffet in the lodge's dining room.

I think there were more people there to enjoy the skiing than to enjoy the scenery.

Now we are on our hike to Mirror Lake. It is a 3 three mile round trip hike.

Along the hike, I was enjoying all the tree covered with this hanging moss.

We arrived at Mirror Lake and enjoyed the pretty view of Mt Hood and its reflection. I have so many photos from our trip, it is hard trying to choose which shots to use on my blog. So, I will be doing more of my Oregon travel reports. We had a great time and hubby loved Oregon so much he would like to retire there. I am still hoping to retire in a warmer climate. I hope you enjoyed my travel photos and stop back again to see more soon.